Reasons to Not Personally Interact With Your Tenants

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If you’re an investment property owner, the key to a successful tenancy is to communicate with your tenants. But, there are specific ways you have to go about it. When you opt for renting your property through an agency, you don’t necessarily have to contact with your tenant directly. The best thing to do would be to avail of property management services Garden Grove. Hire a property manager who will take on this obligation and will serve as your mid man. Though communication is crucial between tenant and landlord, you need to understand the reasons behind the importance of not interacting with your tenants as well. Here are some of them:

Lease agreement conditions

If you communicate with your tenants too often, there’s a possibility that it can make the line unclear between friendship and business. Moreover, it somehow compromises your sense of professionalism. While you stay anonymous, your trusted property manager would be the best person who should negotiate any specific conditions of the lease agreement. This means that you will be less prone to be taken advantage of. If you negotiate through your property manager, you can stick to your objective a lot more easily without the need to worry about offending your tenants.

Regular inspections

Being close friends with your tenants isn’t a wide idea since it would really be purely awkward especially if it’s time to perform property inspection protocols. When you can observe problems during the inspection, it would be way harder to address the issue with a tenant who might feel a bit too comfortable about the relationship. It would be recommended to stay unattached with your tenants for you to prevent being personally involved in any forms of dirty deeds.

Property maintenance

Property maintenance is one of the reasons why it’s discouraged to communicate with your tenants. Your tenants might be extremely nice. Perhaps you might even think that there is no harm in providing them your personal contact information. But, know that this is a bad idea. If there’s something bad happens in your property that needs to be attended, do you want to be the first person they will reach? If you don’t have a property manager to liaise with, you are posing the risk of letting your tenant contact your every single time there’s a small problem. This can possibly affect your activities on special occasions, holidays, or even during weekends. To prevent possible interruptions in the future, your property manager must be their first contact person who will be making arrangements instead of yourself.

Rental Arrears

This is of the major factors that can simply spoil a great landlord-tenant relationship. Occasionally, because of inevitable situations, tenants delay paying their rents. Even if you want to sympathize with their current situation, you also have to keep in mind that investment rental properties are business. Hence, make sure to get a property manager who can mediate between you and your tenants. This way, you won’t get emotionally attached to your conversation with them.

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